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Desc:Husband documents his terrible marriage
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:marriage, yelling, arguments
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Comment count is 18
5 for pure evil. This chick really puts me in mind of my ex-wife. I couldn't get through more than a few minutes of this.
Same, my ex was also bipolar. Such a familiar feeling watching these. I had to stop after seeing the heartbroken little girl holding her blanket go completely ignored while her parents wallowed in themselves.

Jet Bin Fever
wait, did we date the same girl?

If he's planning her murder, he should win an Oscar for these videos. Andrea Dworkin wouldn't convict him if he confessed. I can only imagine this is what it's like being married to Nancy Grace.

Watched them all, part 11 is a perfect end. It's been over a year, I wonder how many of the kids survived, if any?
The worst part of this is how they involve the kids in all their fights.

I watched all 11 parts. Pure fucking evil.
This is one of the most compelling things I've ever watched. Just. Holy. Fuck.
Jet Bin Fever
You could teach a sociology course on these people. Man... when they involve the children too, it just gets even more surreal, awful, evil, poignant, on and on
Caminante Nocturno
How did these two manage to have kids with each other? That baffles me.

Jet Bin Fever
Well, I suppose it's easy enough to still have sex with someone you despise, as a man that is.

I'm more baffled by the fact that these people stayed married, much less living in the same house, for so long. You can see in the later videos how much the little girl grew up, meaning these videos are over the span of years, rather than weeks or months or days.

Seriously? How do you live in a house with the relationship this fucking chaotic for that long?

king of the hill got really dark towards the end
Hubba Bubba Nightmare
For the Mens rights/misandry tags on youtube
Hey bro, instead of humiliating your wife (and yourself) on Youtube, why don't you just leave her if you don't get along?

Five stars for evil, both of these people are horrid.
Those poor kids. She's crazy and he's an asshole.

5 for evil, not watching any further parts, ive seen this shit close enough to home thank you
I feel the same way.

Caminante Nocturno
I'm going to call up my parents and start thanking them, and I don't think I'm going to be able to stop until they hang up on me.
I'll give this five stars, not watching any more of it, but five for the obvious divorce hearing nest-feathering evil as well as the crazy on both sides. Like others have said, poor kids.
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