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Desc:You heard me you pussies.
Category:Religious, Religious
Tags:fear, Jesus, ITS REAL TO ME DAMMIT!, ass-kicking
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Comment count is 20
This religion sounds great. Where do I sign up?
This guy got a pretty pronounced lisp. I wonder what he did to piss jesus off?
Had a thwear.

Its mr slave! Jesthsus jeesthsus christ!
"You know, jesus put you in a wheelchair"
-so thats who was driving that car in the hit and run THAT TOOK MY LEGS ARRRGGHH! Damn you Jesthsus!
what the fuck do you think you're doing, exactly?

You can tell this guy has a problem, since he seems to see other people as objects who only exist to punish him if he displeases Jesus.
If I could only grow a rat stache, I'd probably dream of divine punishment against my enemies too.

I believe this guy believes in Jesus, plus God the Father, Satan, and the whole cast. That said, if you buy into this religion but you aren't showing love, you are committing the greatest possible heresy against Jesus, and Jesus isn't the member of this pantheon you're actually devoted to.

Satan's done a heck of a job co-opting the Jesus fan club.
nicely put

I am favoriting this video just for Bort's comment.

Thanks! It's a peculiarity of Christianity that you do a lot better job of seeing through Satan's little schemes if you don't believe they, or he, even exist.

Syd Midnight
Like all things of note, it's been completely ruined by fanfiction.

Niel Gaiman has gone the way of Anne Rice, I see.
Jet Bin Fever
I like his artistic choices in this clip. Wearing black with a black background is a good way to sell your religion.
Jesus: the cosmic Ike Turner.
God really needs to learn to fear us.
I'm sorry I'm behind on my payments this month, Jesus! Please don't wreck my shop!
Jesus will beat you until you love him. That's how you know he's the one for you.
James Woods
Thanks for that, bizzaro christian Julian Assange.
Aw, the Squeaky-Voiced Teen from the Simpsons grew up and Mommy and Daddy bought him a COMPOOTER for when his nuts dropped.
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