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Desc:From Disney's 'The Black Hole'
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:Disney, Black Hole, V.I.N.Cent, drill penis, Maximilian
Submitted:The Mothership
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Comment count is 33
The robots in this movie had a strongly implied culture of disdain for humans that could only be overridden by their disdain for each other. I love this movie.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Drill penis!
We need a tag for that.

As a daily affirmation, I remind myself that there are still no Hitler robots with drill penises, so things could be worse.

Syd Midnight
"This one's for Anthony Perkins!"

I hear they're remaking this film.

And I do realize the above comment can probably be attached to more than half of the movie clips on this site.

I love this movie. One of my all time favorites of the old school Disney, when they were dicking around with making some weird, weird movies.

Yeah, supposedly the same people who did Tron Legacy will be remaking this once they're done with whatever other movie they're making now.
This may be an urban legend, but I heard that Harlan Ellison was the science adviser on this film for about half a day. As the story goes, he was hired, then he made the mistake of going to lunch in the studio commissary.

Allegedly, he sat with a bunch of other Disney employees and started talking to them about how great a Disney cartoon porno would be, reciting sex scenes while "doing the voices" of the characters involved.

Ellison returned to his office, finding his pink slip on his desk, as he hadn't noticed the executives sitting a table or two away during his X-rated recital.

With any luck, those people will die in a fire.

And burn in hell with Harlan Ellison.

He wasn't hired for Black Hole specifically, but yes it's a 100% true story.

From the "Death Cult of Personality" period. For about fifteen years after the death of Walt, the Disney corporation was really confused about what to do. This period results in some of the darkest films and theme park rides in the company's history. The Nine Old Men ran the animation department into the ground while Ron Miller made progressively weirder live action movies that edged very close to nihilistic. Tim Burton labored in the development department for literally no reason at all and Harlan Ellison pitched pornography. Marc Davis holed himself up in Imagineering and turned the Haunted Mansion into a recitation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Great time.

Oh, it's also worth mentioning that this film has a phenomenal score by John Barry, probably one of his best non-Bond film scores.

Stanley, oh hell yes, this is the theme song to all my epic nightmares.


I guess Dragonslayer counts as part of that "Death Cult" era, eh? I still think a lot of the FX sequences are incredible and awesome to watch. I do know that even with it being rated PG and distributed by Paramount, Disney still got a lot of complaints from parents (I suppose they never thought a Walt Disney movie would feature a princess being eaten by baby dragons). That inspired them to found Touchstone Pictures for their non kid-friendly films.

Ironically, I find their so-called "all ages" live action productions, from movies to TV, some of the media most likely to turn your kids into smartass hellions with all the social skills and imagination of a scratched "Full House" DVD.

A question for Stanley since you seem in the know (and I haven't posted enough on this video yet apparently). You mentioned the soundtrack and I looked up the above video. I was shocked and thrilled to see the soundtrack had been released, but saw the words "expanded" and "additional material" on the release. My question is this...

Was this expanded additional material actually written by John Barry, or is it Disney executive slime oozing all over my childhood memories? One will inspire me to me to immediately go get the album, the other will lead to heavy drinking and bar fights over promises of arson.

The expanded score is a nice collectors thing, but it's not mind blowing or anything. The original LP (which was released about the same time as the Tron LP in very good quality) is like 90% of the soundtrack. The expanded just features a lot of small musical cues (most of them under a minute) that are in the movie but on isolated on the original LP. I'm not some big audiophile or anything, but the audio quality of the original remastered LP seems better than the expanded score.

Here's the Ellison story - it's the third one, Labor Relations, right under Sex and Violence.

Damn, forgot the link - http://harlanellison.com/iwrite/mostimp.htm

I've heard the Ellison story but it was about a fresh animator on his first day. Go figure.

I am constantly amazed at the collection of useful, though mostly trivial, knowledge of things on this site.
5 stars for the thought that the POE hivemind could govern the world in the near future.

Usually I think overly roomy spaceships are royally stupid, impractical, and unrealistic affectations that filmmakers just can't bring themselves to abandon. However, for some weird reason, the Cygnus is one of my favorite ship designs. It's probably a nostalgia thing.

Also, I once had a Maximilian (the big red robot) model kit. I loved putting that thing together.
So did I! Had a Vincent model too. Also had a coloring book with punch out (not a game for you Barbericans, a way of describing perforated cardboard silhouettes) Cygnus, Palomino, and Space Probe that I literally played with until they fell apart.

The Cygnus looks like it's made of wood and canvas and how are the humans breathing with all the holes in the ship?

The production design idea for the Cygnus was to make it look like some kind of medieval cathedral in space, which I think they accomplished nicely.

The people breathing in outer space towards the end of the film is a pretty weird plot hole, but no one really cares because it's a cool movie I guess.

How does this movie manage to look so fabulous while simultaneously looking so shoddy?
I'd say it was the wonder of practical effects.

CGI has done some amazing shit, but there's still no substitute for occasionally filming something that's actually there.

Sure, practical effects can be embarassing when done badly but it's not so much that CGI is inherently awful - CGI can be effective when used properly and judiciously - but too many filmmakers seem to think more CGI = better and so on and so forth.

I'm not saying practical effects are better per se. I think both have their strengths and weaknesses, and yes, I do think CGI is being way overused for convenience (we never have to leave this green soundstage and damn the expense!). I've found the best films find ways to combine the two effectively, if not creatively.

A definite case of "they don't make them like this anymore" in which that yes, goofy as The Black Hole is it's an actual shame they don't make movies like this anymore.
Thank god! Some sort of rescue toaster!
Hammer Falls
Auto five for The Black Hole. "In... Tru... and Beyont!"
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