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Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:russia, CATegory, russian cats, feline comrade
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Comment count is 13
Is cat who think is dog! BWA-HA-HAAA!

At least one star goes for the courtesy fast-forward. A great many other videos could learn something from this one.
Corpus Delectable
I laughed. I cried.

Wait. No, I didn't. I sat there waiting for something mildly interesting to happen. It didn't.
Obviously you didn't see the cat bring the phone to its owner. AND IT'S A CAT AND IT'S RUSSIAN. Although I don't understand why it's "very Russian", so minus one star. If it were truly, painfully Russian, the cat would have damaged the phone and made up for it by stealing the neighbor's vodka.

thank you, CAT PENIS 27.

i love this place

I'll admit I was expecting the cat to drink Vodka. Or oppress the proletariat. Or for it to be poisoned, possibly stabbed, shot, pop back up, be shot again and then get thrown into a river. You know, something stereotypical Russian like.

By Russian i meant "unpredictable" but yeah, i understand expecting something more wild. The word "russian" can't be used lightly

I five star a lot of videos (especially cat videos), but even i was left unimpressed by these antics.

the cat fetched the fucking phone five stars everyone shut up run on sentence

Nazis, worse than Hitler and so on.

I didn't watch it, but Corpus gave it one star.

This reminds me of that moment when snowball and santa's little helper start talking to the Simpsons, and they ignore them. This cat was not talking but, to ignore a cat bringing you the cell phone is just....

Caminante Nocturno
Odds are, the cat isn't doing this out of a sense of obedience. It's probably noticed that the only way to stop the aggravating little object from making noise is to give it to a person and have them shut the horrid little object up.
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