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Category:Pets & Animals, Business
Tags:dog, Crab, dachshund, beach, tiny enemy crab
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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Comment count is 15
Of course I get the '100% Pure Wolf Urine!" ad. Of course.

Five stars for a dachshund being a dachshund.
I get something about a lemonade stand. I'm assuming that it's pee porn, just like all my targeted ads.

Yours sounds normal compared to mine...

Heroin & Alf - 100% Ben Stiller FREE

Heinz white vinegar distilled: Guaranteed to remove chemtrails.

five stars for the clever fearless crab
I think fear was driving a lot of his decisions. Mostly his decision to get the fuck back into the water.

Perhaps, but he seemed to understand that the cameraman wasn't a threat.

Corpus Delectable
I really thought the punch line was going to be a crab-claw pinch to the nose or flews.
Dachshund could be sitting there staring at me and it still gets 5 stars
Binro the Heretic
"HEY! HEY! HEY! You see this one big claw I got? Wanna know what it's for? COME AN INCH CLOSER AND FIND OUT, BITCH!"

(wiener dogs are automatic five stars)
made my damn day
American Standard
Don't let the congenital dwarfism fool you, dachshunds are killers. Maybe not so much with the miniature variety, which was bred away from working lines with a focus on aesthetics, but they're hounds. They love to hunt.

I had a neighbor growing up who kept a pair. No small, ground-dwelling creature was safe. They even tried to take on raccoons and foxes.

Anyway, 5 stars for a happy ending.
I wonder if at the end she's thinking "oh my god, my new best friend just drowned!"
the music.
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