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Desc:I think this is what they call 'art'
Category:Arts, Horror
Tags:horror, art, i have no idea what this is
Submitted:Elvis Hitler
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Comment count is 16
yeah ok
big pincers

(I did smirk at "lightning strikes like a shot of cum")
pressed peanut sweepings
This seriously disturbed me. Especially the breathing.
-1 star for wasting a perfectly good pizza.
This kind of idea does not come from a normal well adjusted individual. Its not even weird for the sake of being weird, its just disturbing.
Jet Bin Fever
Art achieved!
Not helping the "all artists are nutjobs" stereotype.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
made me lol! think its must be triple-ironic or something
spiteful crow
Youtube description:
"Check out my blog (in which I eat animal cum)"

Noooo thank you.
We already have videos of that on here. That Fear Factor clip had gallons of animal cum drinkage.

Trying waaay too hard.
James Woods
No, like this:

Trying waaay too hard.

too much interior semiotics and not enough Marina Abramović. the Sleepaway Camp breathing wins my stars though.
Nice try, prolapse!
The Mothership
So what he's saying here is that the health industry and reproductive options and infantilism -symbolized by toys - kills the souls of women, and that he feasts off the marshmallowy goodness that is left.

that could be rubbish as I'm piss drunk, but I think I'm nor far off.
The Mothership
not far off.

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