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Desc:YOUR pop culture references aren't as good as OURS!
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:He-Man, Family Guy, robot chicken, hypocrisy, cognitive dissonance
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Comment count is 30
I can't wait to see Sassy Talking Teddy Bear Movie, coming soon from the creator of Sassy Talking Baby Cartoon.
Remember that WB show "Unhappily Ever After" with the Bobcat Goldthwait puppet?

Tell me, did that attempt at rude and profane child's toy property lead to millions of dollars at the box office?

I'm not going to be surprised when "Ted" flops, and I won't be surprised if it becomes a summer blockbuster with 5 sequels (2 direct to video) and a failed TV spinoff

What's amazing about Unhappily Ever After is that it ran for more 100 episodes yet utterly failed to make an impression on anyone.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I completely forgot about that show and how horrendously unfunny it was.

100 episodes..what the fuck?

How can you forget Nikki Cox's tits? (BTW: that's what the 5 stars are for, not this crap).

5 stars for Colleen Camp's tits in the movie Clue.

it's gonna do great, and there will be sequels.

I apologize in advance.

The weird part is that there are a lot of parts in this episode that are rather good. I guess they had to work out their "WE'RE BETTER THEN A COMPETING COMPANY WHICH also shows episodes of our TV show thus adding to our profits wait..."

I don't think you thought that one through totally, guys. It's like an episode of family guy!
Dread Pirate Roberts
You do realize it's an ongoing jokes right? Both Seth Green and Seth McFarlane work on Robot Chicken and Family guy as regulars. If you pay attention, they're constantly throwing insults back and forth.

Eh, the Disney part was kinda cool, simply because of the animation.

If Seth MacFarlane hadn't become a successful animated show creator, he'd probably have been on POE, frantically fretting over getting the last word in on any given subject so he could declare himself "winner".
fuck you, idiot.

hi Seth!


Not the first time Seth as called Seth out.


And it isn't going to be the last.
Oh wow someone submitted a four year old clip did you guys know they also bagged on robot chicken in the star wars parodies that shit is AMAAAAAAZING
camonk?! alright this shithole just got a little more interesting

Care - o- Meter points to ZZZZZzzzZZZzZzzzz
I ain't been around for a while and I don't know you. But I'm gonna guess that your own post pretty much describes everybody's reactions to everything you say, here and everywhere else you go. You cunt.

I wanted to call you names, Camonk, but then I remembered how much I dearly missed you.

Welcome back, faggot.


Thanks, queermo!

Actually you do know me. For some reason my other name got bugged and no one ever ever ever responded to the issue so I just made a new one. We got on pretty well, actually. Sorry to disappoint you.

Don't keep me in suspense, bro!

ape god, nugga.

Needs the tag "comedy - none"
Cherry Pop Culture
I don't get it. Is this what comedy looks like on tv? Crap set up with no punchline.

I can't remember who said it, but someone here said something along the lines of, "Andy Kaufman would be proud," over a crappy Family Guy clip.

5 for a succinct observation by a POE user.
If you don't really watch both shows, this is a bit of an inside joke...I can easily see thinking this is lame as fuck. Whenever I get mad about Family Guy I watch a Simpsons episode from Season 9 or something. Ah...the first 12 or so years of the Simpsons were damn good....damn good. Then I watch a recent episode of the Simpsons and I remember why I like Family Guy so much right now.
The question is, would Family Guy seem all that great if the Simpsons quality hadn't dipped?

I dislike Family Guy for having an unlikable cast, an over-reliance on cutaway gags, and often having next to no coherence. I thought the strongest episodes were the ones that made fun of Star Wars because it forced them to stick to a storyline.

Macfarlane would be better off just doing an animated sketch comedy show and ditching the pretense of a cast and standard setting.

Modern Angel
I can't stand McFarlane except American Dad. Weirdly, I enjoy the fuck out of American Dad.

Seven Arts/H8 Red
SPK: MacFarlane did an animated sketch comedy "show." It was Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy. It made Family Guy look like Westinghouse Studio One. Somehow, MacFarlane convinced Burger King to throw money at Family Guy cutaway gags.

You can't win either way.

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