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Desc:A message we can all relate to.
Category:Arts, Educational
Tags:drugs, dreams, krispy kreme, manly tears, burps
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Cherry Pop Culture
I feel I have been lied to. I thought I was getting fucking donuts
I like this kid unironically. My highest compliment.
'I like you unironically' was how I proposed to my wife.

I also like KK unironically. His music is silly and fun and I think he knows that. but this video should have either not been made or been half as long...

Rodents of Unusual Size
Well this was depressing.

Why would you even post this? Why do people post their meltdowns? Holy fuck I want to give him money for therapy.
I am pretty sure this guy is some kind of performance artist trying to become a viral sensation. And he is succeeding with flying stars, great job!

He definitely is, but he's very, very good.

The snot on his nose in his first video is clearly vaseline.

He absolutely is, but i still don't care. I can't remember his given name right now, but his "real" rapping is shit. It's like an Eminem clone.

Also, this video was a bit over the top for me, but still worth 5.

Oscar Wildcat
I'm pretty sure that one of the bennies of becoming a famous rap star is that you get to spend an inordinate amount of time partying with your friends. Not sitting in the basement crying about being left alone.

Somewhere else in America, Moneymaker Mike is sitting in front of a big pile of blow flanked by silicone implanted hoes thinkin' "That punk ass Krispy Kreme ain't nowhere to be seen..."
Jet Bin Fever
Ah yes, the old Chris Crocker bit. People respond to different stuff, and some people only take notice of someone like KK after a "meltdown" video. He's a smart kid.
You could be an astronaut, dude, but why settle for less?
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