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Category:Video Games
Tags:TF2, Heavy, impending shitstorm in the comments, source filmmaker, HATegory
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Comment count is 20

5 for hats
needs more hat dynamics
Gave me that same feeling as watching that "Full Life Consequences" thing....

I knew the gag that was coming for the "outsmart bullet" scene, but that just made it funnier.
Well done, though I was hoping the end music score would be played over the entire TF2 cast as usual, except they'd be buried under a mountain of hats.
I finally got a new PC a month or so ago, I never could run TF2 before. I went in and was confused to all the prat-like headgear.
Dread Pirate Roberts
Please let this be the next Pixar movie.
Wow, so TF2 is pretty much exclusively for Jimmy Buffet fans now.
Jet Bin Fever
I played TF2 for only about 10minutes in the past 2 years, and even in that time I saw a boatload of silly hats.
Is the game really like this now? I've only played it on xbox, and we never got anything beyond the base game, but this doesn't look... too terrible?
if you want to blow up people in silly hats, or wear a silly hat and blow people up, or wear a silly hat while blowing up people in silly hats, it's fun!

Meatsack Jones
Especially when your team loses because half of it stood around while they traded hats with each other.

American Standard
I like the silly hats, personally. Keeps the shitbags who want to treat the game like a fucking job away.

Playing every other FPS, it's impossible to go a few rounds without running into some baby general trying to tell you how to game (and screaming slurs and obscenities when you don't fall into line).

Shit like octopus hats and goggles that turn the battlefield into Candyland make things impossible to take seriously. That's how I like it.

I still find TF2 very fun. The fact that there happen to be a large number of silly hats hasn't deprecated the gameplay.

That said, I was still able to get on a random server after not playing for six months and outscore everyone as a medic. I guess it's like riding a bicycle.

In my opinion, Valve doesn't get nearly enough shit for the fact that they put out TF2 for consoles, then didn't bother supporting it or doing anything for it. If you play it now it has some patches, but it's literally almost the same game as when it first launched.

Caminante Nocturno
I've always wondered why Team Fortress 2 always seemed to have a better quality of person playing it than most games like it, and I think American Standard just explained it pretty well.

Maybe I should just break down and finally buy the towering pillar of hats.
I got as a random reward, CRY SOME MORE!

Just FUCK TF2, now, then and forever. FUCK IT.
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