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Desc:Why PC Mods were created
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:my little pony, serial killer, smile, Skyrim, pinkie pie
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Comment count is 15
Binro the Heretic
Not that wild about the little ponies, but it was competently done and a bit silly.
The new Dawnguard expansion has a lot more singing that I'd expected.

There's another mod that turns all the dragons into MLPs. I donno, there just is.
I like the mod that turns all the dragons into Macho Man Randy Savage.

Skrimp is Magic, motherfuckers!
I see they're taking some creative risks with the new season of ponies.
Caminante Nocturno
Her hair should be flat and straight, not puffy and curly! One star!
Shoebox Joe
They didn't even have Rainbow Dash in there! EPIC FAIL!!

The whole grotty, grubby MLP:FiM subculture still continues to amaze me with how mindblowingly pathetic the people involved are - true, quite a few (by which I mean almost all) of them were already socially maladjusted videogame playing manga reading nerdlingers - but they seem to become even more warped by it, like they're being affected by some sort of pastel-colored magical pony fallout.
I think you should write a few more paragraphs about it. You know, really give the subject the attention it deserves.

It's not that amazing. At least they're not juggalos.

Almost entirely for 2:37
Proper use of culture!
some serious nerd shit up in here
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