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Desc:We are not stupid.
Category:News & Politics, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Horrible cartoon infinity, Poes Law, herman cain
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Comment count is 14
I'll suggest the tag "Horrible Cartoon Infinity" since that links to more horrible cartoons, and the cartoons previewed in this aren't just bad, they're truly horrible.
The Mothership
I don't know what is better:

1. WHOOO, I's cummin boss!


2. Give a lamb a gun.
He doesn't realize he's parody. Everything he says is forehead smackingly funny.

Sudan no1
even the LOGO is funny. It's like the T is trying to drill into the C.

Someone gave this lamb a gun! I guess instead of lamb-chops, we'll be having lamb-SHOTS.


He has to be fucking with everyone, he just has to.
The Mothership

He has come back my lord Herman Cain!!!
I'm pretty sure that the fat guy in the beginning of this video is the same fat guy that was wearing the hoodie in the 'Joe the Plumber' commercial.
I think somebody on here said this before, but it bears repeating: conservatives cannot make effective comedy shows. They just end up being mean-spirited. That stab at Sandra Fluke at the beginning was gross as shit.
It's the only way he can get girls anywhere near his bed.

They shipped the construction jobs overseas? How does that work?
Baby T-Rex who loves cowboy hats and Thanksgiving dinner. FUCK
The God of Biscuits
Poe's Law.
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