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Desc:Puts a rulebreaker in his place
Tags:double dare, marc summers, stfu
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Comment count is 16
Finding out that Marc Summers suffers from OCD made me feel sort of awful the next time I saw a rerun of SUPER SLOPPY DOUBLE DARE.
So the legend goes, he started doing those shows in order to help him manage his OCD.

A true hero.

Jet Bin Fever
I wanna see Marc Summers jump in the crowd and kick someone's ass.

He said a swear!
The Townleybomb
Man, if I knew Harvey was going to be at these things too, I would have gone....
He used to work on a gameshow with children. He must be the most tightly wound man on the face of the Earth.
Have you seen the Oprah clip? I'll have to find it. (He suffers from extreme, extreme OCD)

A co-worker of mine was on Family Double Dare and can confirm that yes, he is.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I approve of this Marc Summers.
Marc Summers: One of the Good Ones
No comment can describe my feelings at this moment.
Marc Summers will goddamned COME AT YOU if you shout out answers. His vengeance will blow through your life like the gust of a thousand winds!
Are they in Philly? Nothing but assholes as far as the eye can see. Summers probably wanted to slaughter everyone.
Herr Matthias
This is actually an annual event in Philly. Harvey is from there.

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