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Desc:It's recommended that you do some serious praying before watching this.
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:satan, Christian, CBN, John Ramirez, the honest truth
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Comment count is 14
TeenerTot - 2012-07-06
Is this guy real, or is he trolling Pat?
misterbuns - 2012-07-06
"once I figured out Satan wasn't as powerful as I thought, I went with the guy who could beat him up"

What a morality.
SteamPoweredKleenex - 2012-07-06
It fits with Christian theology: "Worship me or burn forever."

MacGyver Style Bomb - 2012-07-06
That's basically the story of St. Christopher.

Udderdude - 2012-07-06
If you're crazy enough to believe in one, you might as well believe in the other.
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2012-07-06
If you believe in God, and you're a conservative, you have to believe in the Devil. Conservatives believe intuitively that progress is bad and things naturally get worse. There's no way to explain that with just God out there benevolently running everything. Without the Devil, there would be nothing to fear, and without fear, what's the point?

If Pat thinks we need to pray before watching the story, why didn't he provide a moment of silence?

Syd Midnight - 2012-07-12
It's a good thing when Christian kids get the kind of lectures where they're taught that Satan is real and he'll give you actual powers, but it's a suckers game and you'll wish you hadn't done it when you die.

Because teenagers would never do something that's immediately gratifying but that they'll probably regret many years later, especially when all their strict authority figures keep telling them not to do it. No sir, that's not exactly the kind of thing every teenager will be curious about and try (or encourage a friend to try) at some point.

For every "I was a teenage satanist!" there's probably 50 others who were standing in the woods in a bathrobe or crowded around a ouija board when they realized that this is all just a bullshit mind game.

TheQuakeSoldier - 2012-07-06
The end commentary is the best part:
"Folks I want to tell ya, Jesus Christ is real. The devil is real. This isn't some figma (sic) of some make-believe. This isn't something from Hollywood, it's the real thing... And Jesus Christ is lord." ::chortle::
Xenocide - 2012-07-06
I'd definitely worship a deity named Lord Chortle.

Rudy - 2012-07-06
Chortle? I thought that was a fart.

StanleyPain - 2012-07-06
Shit man....I need to sit down, and write a book about how I encountered Satan in my dreams and blah blah blah and just rake in the fucking batshit crazy Christian money. If 90 Minutes In Heaven and 28 Minutes In Hell and Heaven Is real have proven anything, it's that people will fucking believe ANYTHING.
Riskbreaker - 2012-07-06
Do a kickstarter first to raise money to do the proper research. If you are going to rip-off people, better do it twice, and hard!

Syd Midnight - 2012-07-12
7 Minutes in Heaven is a fun party game but I don't think I'd want to play "28 Minutes in Hell" so case closed I guess

chairsforcheap - 2012-07-06
Oh my fucking stars... As soon as they mentioned santeria i was ready for some xtian hatred... and what's more, it delivers! Day-leeb-ersh
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