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Desc:H.P. Lovecraft's The Temple meets Hunt for Red October.
Category:Trailers, Horror
Tags:Submarine, Cold War, robert sheehan, bleak sea, vincent regan
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Comment count is 6
SteamPoweredKleenex - 2012-07-08
I went looking for this and found it was an entry in some kind of trailer contest. People would sink a ton of cash into making fake trailers, and if they won, they'd get made into actual movies, I guess.

Also, "evasive action, hard left to the starboard?" I'm not in the Navy, but isn't that like saying "move us wherever as quick as you can, but do so while turning way to the left while turning the ship to the right"?
misterbuns - 2012-07-08
Yeah, that doesnt mean anything. port is left. starboard is right. hard left means nothing.

also this is a mundane collection of action movie rituals threaded together with familiar editorial ideas, boring sound stings and trite voice over. Yeah, I guess you can argue that is what trailers have become, but I don't see how this is The Temple meets Hunt for Red October. The Temple already had U boats in it, and alot of other interesting concepts and visual ideas: the corpses, the mad gibbering of the men in the boat.

All I see here is sweaty closeups and shots of the submarine sets over and over. Welcome to the era of the 7D Mark II. Everything shot on the same lens. All the time. Check out my depth of field, brah.

baleen - 2012-07-08
I can't believe somebody actually put that in a script.

Potter - 2012-07-08
It must have taken some effort to write a line that incompetently.

Considering how few lines where in this entire project, someone really deserves their writing hand broken and to be branded in a manner that will make it clear he is not allowed near films again.

OldScratch - 2012-07-08
I thought I recognised that monster roar:

memedumpster - 2012-07-08
Wow this is fucking stupid.
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