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Desc:The ultimate revenge story.
Category:Trailers, Classic Movies
Tags:Bollywood, the matrix, no spoilers in tags, eega, teluguone
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Comment count is 14
Billy the Poet
I'm not a Hindu, but I suspect that using your reincarnated form to commit assault and arson is violating some sort of rule.
Caminante Nocturno
Oh god, the last shot.
This is why our movies and stories would have been better based on pantheist religions. The Abrahamic ones are boring.

"Jesus committed suicide to make him/his dad forgive you for masterbating and tolerating women and gays!". Great. Wake me up when he's riding world-eating wolves and fighting Minotaurs, or at least letting us reincarnate to kill people.
Caminante Nocturno
Now that I think about it, Jesus committed suicide-by-cop.

Old People
For Caminante.

Innocent Bystander
Watch out for snakes!
Shtemlow . . .

beat me to it....

Rodents of Unusual Size
So much better than Ghost.
Except this movie has a similar scene involving poop.

Looks like Richard Kiel has had some cosmetic surgery.
"Re-Imaginings" are never as good as the original.

Also, the soundrack came off like a Bollywood version of "The Beautiful People." Maybe Marylin Manson is branching out?

What the hell!? There's no cave man, no kidnapped researcher, and no young virgin daughter anywhere.
This looks awesome.
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