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Desc:Every body come and gather round
Tags:Rap, amazing, white people, krispy kreme
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Comment count is 7
Mike blowing kisses while sitting bitch, damn.

They've gotten better.
Dread Pirate Roberts
So tell me: are these guys doing these for real, or is this one of those special 'gonna be stars by being bad' kind of gigs?
'gonna be stars by being awesome'

Oscar Wildcat
Needs to be done in blackface for best effect.
Jet Bin Fever
red jorts and a dirt bike... this is getting into Ill Mitch territory!
big pincers
I had to go look up Jorts which led me to some scary stuff but also "young Nathan Fillion in jorts!"
http://s-ak.buz zfed.com/static/enhanced/web04/2011/4/21/20/enhanced-buzz-17431-13 03432154-2.jpg :D

but also: http://www.jo rts.com/assets/img/photos/homepage.jpg :(

To my fellow citizens of the CeNation.
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