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Desc:Yep, mood shirts.
Tags:k-tel, wtf the 70s
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Comment count is 7
K-Tel? I would have assumed this to be a "Wham-O" product actually.
I expected it to show an Autobot or Decepticon logo.
I kind of want to make one of these now.
big pincers
right? no one is making them, certainly not with that bitchin 70s font. I think mood technology would work fabulously in my Fever Bugz dream design: http://www.fever-bugz.com/bugz-images/Bugz/016-720_US_pk.jpg

We tried using those on our kid when he caught a cold. They're far too inaccurate. Besides, imagine how embarrassed you'll be explaining to others later on that your kids brain damage was because you couldn't tell it was a 105 degree fever because the ladybug looked okay.

I know a bunch of screenprinters (plus my roommate's been building some kind of bizarre three color rig of his own design in the basement this summer), and it wouldn't be that tough to hand-copy the design from a video still. But liquid crystal sheets are a bit overpriced (about /sq foot in the quantities I could afford, which would work out to probably - per shirt depending on how much waste there was). I have no idea if they'd be washable either, although I doubt the original ones were. At any rate, the economics of it would make the sale price around - for a shirt unless I used really low quality shirts.

I mostly want to just make one for myself.

Anyhow, when I was pricing liquid crystal sheets, I learned about heat sensitive paper, which is way more interesting. Definitely going to use this for some kind of poster or record insert or something as soon as I have a good idea:

http://www.teachersource.com/product/glossy-heat-sensitive-pap er/

If you need skin contact for them to work, large-busted women wouldn't find it useful as a communication device. It would force one to rely on what signals their nipples were sending, and that could be thrown off by cold weather.

Though I suppose if it were cold, they'd be wearing something over their t-shirt.
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