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Desc:Michael J. Fox will slowly depress the pressure cooker, and you.
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:KFC, training videos, pressure cookers
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Comment count is 14
KFC was in Canada in the 80s? You learn something new every day.
They eat KFC in Strange Brew

Jet Bin Fever
Well... if it happened in Strange Brew, it must be real!

Harland Sanders lived in Canada for a while, when he sold the US operations he kept control of the Canadian franchises and moved to Ontario to run them.

I've heard an old clip of him on the CBC talking about how tasteless Canadian food is.

It puts the chicken in the basket.
I spent 2 years of my life working for a market research company billed to figure out what chicken recipes or concoctions KFC customers liked best. I feel dirty.
that explains your name

90% of the preferences involved bacon in some form.

no one can say that KFC isnt creative in the naming of the utensils
What are they doing putting him near hot grease?!
Screams incoming.
Billy the Poet
I find things like this wierdly fascinating.
And relaxing!

Do they even still do this at KFC anymore? I can't imagine the idiot 15 year olds I've ever seen working there actually frying chicken. Seems like by now they'd be getting shipments of already cooked chicken that they reheat, like every other fast food place.
I think so, although the big Canadian doughnut chain stopped cooking doughnuts completely, they get shipments of half cooked frozen ones, and they're half the size they used to be.

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