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Desc:Animated syrup bottle talks about her contents.
Category:Advertisements, Horror
Tags:syrup, Mrs. Butterworth, drink my blood
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Comment count is 7
Wow, what a smug bitch.
DRINK MY BLOOD AND BE REBORN INTO A DARK WORLD OF FEAR - rejected original tagline for the first Mrs. Butterworth campaign
Jet Bin Fever
I heard that Mr. Butterworth ran away with a thinner syrup.
Robin Kestrel
That's the sort of viscosity I look for in my syrups!
That bitch better be non-Newtonian when I pour her over my discs of fried dough.

Binro the Heretic
I hated Mrs. Butterworth's as a kid. It left a weird slick feeling in my mouth. Same goes for Log Cabin brand. I would find out as an adult that they were both corn syrup with artificial butter and maple flavoring mixed in.

Golden Eagle syrup was somewhat better. It was a homogenized blend of real honey...and corn syrup. I preferred straight up honey on biscuits & pancakes.

Nothing beats genuine maple syrup, though. It's expensive as Hell, but you don't need to use a lot of it.
Robin Kestrel
Yeah, but it goes bad if you don't use it up quickly enough. You have to get a brand in a glass bottle and refrigerate it after opening, and even then it won't taste right after a few months.

Whereas the corn-syrupy kinds seem to be fine in a cupboard for years.

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