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Blue - 2012-07-15

I don't like the idea of a person being able to commit a murder in cold blood and that same day go free and live among us. With all the things that are illegal how is it that murder is one of those things that you can under limited circumstances get permission from the government to do? We need a fucking registry for these people.

cognitivedissonance - 2012-07-15

In my travels, I wound up moving in with the sister of a convicted serial killer. It was a slow revelation that was followed up with evidence. I learned the other side of the murder equation, the people who deal with the repurcussions on the outside. His mother was in wild denial about it, his brother was desperately trying to get the sentence commuted, and the sister was a recovering meth addict. I was there for about three months. The dude did the crime, and the dude deserves to hang (or whatever it is they do here), but the gag is, the kicker, Ted Bundy tried to use the murders as a way to have his own sentence dropped. The crimes weren't officially solved for 20 years until DNA evidence, and the dude was already in prison for other crimes. It was a strange scene to be trapped in and one I'll eventually be writing a lot more on. It was a lot for my young brain to handle, especially unrelated to anyone in the situation and a total outsider. (Ah, the dangers of Craigslist, I could be dead. As it was, I slept in the guy's bedroom.)

craptacular - 2012-07-16

nice binro, cog

Blue - 2012-07-16

I deserve a car. That's doesn't mean I can just take one from someone that clearly doesn't deserve it.

Think about this though. There's somebody, probably in law enforcement or corrections that murders unarmed defenseless people for a living. Sure, they've got a reason, but most of the people on death row had a fucking reason.

People that want to steal money work at a bank. The banks try to screen them out, but people still get through. It happens often enough that it's got a fucking name. It's called an inside job.

Would you really believe somebody that told you that never in the history of the United States has a bank employee been involved in a bank robbery? To my knowledge there has never been a police officer that was discovered to be a serial killer. I do know of one that was suspected, but not convicted.

I know the executioner is just doing his job. So was the mafia enforcer. Anybody that can do that job is a dangerous person and I'm much more afraid of the guy that isn't behind bars than I am of the one that is.

chairsforcheap - 2012-07-16

This didn't depress me as much as I was expecting it to... Looking forward to the rest of this series. I could listen to werner read the dictionary.

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