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Desc:Why aren't these here yet? Bro version of OldManMurray.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:tom clancy, bro team
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Comment count is 18
I disagree strongly with the description, to the point that it can only be excused with madness.

However I have been subscribed to them for a while because they aren't bad, but haven't submitted any because I was sure this wasn't the right crowd.
Adham Nu'man
You were right.

First mission: get to the sun

The right crowd would be people with a sense a humor.

People who one-starred this gave five to Phantasy Star Online 2: Breast Physics II, if that clears things up.

Ha ha. Classic FABIO.

Hank Friendly
is it irony or insanity that people are turning their noses up at this on a site that began as an offshoot of oldmanmurray

Those are the only two options, of course.

Classic me, liking funny things.

Hank: I think it's the same kind of people who still think Skweezy is real.

Hank Friendly
I imagine its those folks cross-sected with the people who keep messing up the url for www.portalofsocialjustice.com and mistakenly wind up here

I don't know why I enjoy this. Usually the people that make this kind of video are creepy and off-putting. I even enjoyed the mass effect 3 one where they're saying everything's gay.

"Why the fuck didn't that work? Commander Shepard needs docking permission!" That is the line that made it awesome.
It fits the subject material brilliantly.
And yet people still buy these awful games ...

MacGyver Style Bomb
Suddenly... System Shock 2!
I do not endorse the description, but I fucking love these guys.
I'd rather read CAD (with abortion edits) than this.
So, which one of you hacked FABIO's account?
Also, this is nowhere near as good as whatever they were doing with The First Templar.

Caminante Nocturno
I can't remember the last time I laughed at a Star Wars reference, so I'm going to assume this was the first time I did so.
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