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Desc:A anarchist panda hugs riot cops
Category:News & Politics, Pets & Animals
Tags:panda, Quebec, Hugs, Anarchopanda, student protests
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Comment count is 13
A bit of background
damn, I really thought it said Arachnopanda and was SORELY disappointed
Hank Friendly
i thought it said Anacondopanda

Rodents of Unusual Size
You will be delighted to know that the Syfy Channel has just made the movie Arachnoquake (giant spiders released by earthquakes) and Piranhaconada (a movie about a giant half shake half piranha)

I'm sure Pandaconda and Arachnopanda aren't too far behind.

5 stars because if you don't hug him he's a saaad panda.

Adham Nu'man
Half Shake, Half Piranha: Pure Milk, Crushed Ice and Fish Tastyness!

At least "Pandaconda" rolls off the tongue better than "Piranhanaconda". And I image it would be more adorable as it bit your face off.

Piranhaconada was the best Jimmy Buffet album since the rest of the them.

"Pirahnaconda" made me blow coffee out of my nose. Congratulations sir and/or madam, you win the internet.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Adham Nu'man you made me laugh so hard with that.

Finally an acceptable use for a fursuit!
Jet Bin Fever
Fine son, you can have your 00 and my apologies!

Meanwhile in America, Sucking Chest Wound Panda slumped in popularity.
Nice anarchists? That's a new one to me.
I consider myself an anarchist in many ways but generally can't stand their company.
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