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Category:Classic TV Clips, Crime
Tags:batman, joker, Harley Quinn
Submitted:The Mothership
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Comment count is 15
Kevin Smith named his daughter Harley Quinn Smith.
Guy's got issues.

Chief among which being an epic tool-bag. In addition to the shitty movies and cruelly extended bubble of adolescence.

Syd Midnight
I'd be the mean uncle who tells her shes named after the fetus, and she should go Google it.

All female doctors wear mini-skirts.
Only the ones who work closely with psychotic (often super-powered) sexual predators who escape on a weekly basis.

for a doctor she is kind of stupid.
Xenagama Warrior Princess
The comic insinuated that she wasn't above screwing with the professors to get a higher grade on her reports, among one of the reasons why she got her degree in the first place.

Oscar Wildcat
Obviously she skipped the class on countertransference.

So, Batman is Joker's replacement father figure? And Joker is Batman's replacement father killer?

They have a kinky relationship when you get down to it.
I don't know who the fuck Talia is to Batman, but he ignores her in favor of mourning the Joker. I can't help but wonder what he was planning to do with that body before the police arrived.

1:57 What exactly was she prepared for? I'm pretty sure this is the most statistically common conversation a psychologist could have.
The asylum should've realized she was a loose cannon when she wore black lipstick to work.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Maybe he engineered something that she then smelled out of the flower? He engineered a way to turn Tim into a puppet of himself 40 years after the Joker had died.
They finally answered this in the almost-series finale of JLU, where Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne have a brief falling out. Joker was using the alien technology introduced in this episode:


I think it sat poorly with the "Batman Beyond" writers that a guy who makes laughing potions could also build mind control microcircuits, so they were eager to shoehorn in a better explanation when the opportunity appeared. Throwaway line a little bit after 8:28:


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