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Desc:I got the heaves and had to close the tab almost immediately, but made sure to save the URL for you!
Category:Horror, Science & Technology
Tags:india, cysts, hydatid, body horror, liver
Submitted:Wheelie McJesus
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Comment count is 17
i will not be able to eat any sort of corn chowder for a while
John Holmes Motherfucker
The preload image did it for me.
Mmmm, mustard tapioca, my fave.
The beeping makes it seems like the world's grossest slot machine just hit the jackpot.

Oh dear lord the related videos. Huge eye cyst popping, home ass cyst pop, spider bite extraction, "deep yellow blackhead in ear".
Two tubs, one liver. Yum!
Holy fucking shit. Did the patient survive? Did they nuke the worm planet in retaliation?
Jet Bin Fever
usually with these the inflammation is so bad that no, they don't survive. You essentially have to remove the ENTIRE cyst carefully without bursting it, and even then, since these can be the size of a melon, they usually won't live.

Now I really wish I hadn't watched that.

Fascinating how the liver itself has created those large fluid-filled spheres. What would be the biological reason for that?
Perhaps the worms made them

Jet Bin Fever
yep. Those are the actual cysts. Hundreds of em!

Jet Bin Fever
What you're seeing here is many many different cysts. Each cyst can burst from trauma which releases many many more cysts which can then grow and form more and more cysts inside of them. It's a horrible Matroyoshka doll of deadly disgusting mayhem in the body. Thankfully, as long as you don't hang out with dogs who have been feeding on the raw entrails of animals, you should be okay.
Thanks, JBF!
Poetv should really set up a strangeness consulting service. No matter what weird shit you happen to need solved, there's sure to be an expert on it here somewhere.

Jet Bin Fever
I have a Masters in Parasitology. It's really useless outside of my job but makes for fun dinner conversation!

Louis Armstrong
Or if your trying to convince your coworker to infest himself with hookworms to fight his severe spontaneous hives.


Everyone needs a parisitologist at the party

Shoebox Joe
Marry me JBF!!

And for some reason, I would love to have one of those cysts in a jar.

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