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Desc:This time he edits together a bunch of union guys!
Category:Crime, Business
Tags:james, republicans,, okeefe,, editing,
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Comment count is 4
Oh gross, what a totally transparent attempt at using misleading footage to demonize union jobs.

And with a quick glance at the right-wing blog-o-sphere.... yep, they swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. Ugh.
Aren't these the same people that say that war is what got us out of the great depression? It's basically the same thing except we don't put someone's child in the hole before we fill it up.
Jet Bin Fever
I can't stand looking at this skunk. Anyone wanna help me out with a descript of what the issue is so that I don't have to sit through this damned thing? Also, when did he get out of jail?
That was my thought as well. Didn't he get arrested trying to wiretap a Congressman's phone or something similarly felony-tastic?

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