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Desc:At about 2 minutes into the trailer, you'll see why.
Tags:sean penn, too soon, ryan gosling, Emma Stone, Gangster Squad
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Comment count is 15
This trailer was supposed to be playing in front of The Dark Knight Rises, too.
My friends and I saw Dark Knight at a midnight showing (not in Colorado.) This trailer played in front of it. We heard the news about the Aurora shooting on the way back.

Despite that, it wasn't until about noon the next day that I made the connection with this movie's theater scene. That's how forgettable this trailer is.

It also helped that the trailer for The Watch played right after it, and damned if that doesn't look entertaining.

I didn't make the connection until just now, and I've seen three movies with this trailer in front of it, one of them being The Dark Night Rises, which I saw after I heard the news.

Forgettable indeed.

This trailer is so forgettable I actually didn't even notice what happened around 2:00 and had to watch that part again.

Caminante Nocturno
I remember 'The Untouchables' being pretty over-the-top.

For it's time.
I watched it yesterday, it's pretty dumb but also very entertaining. This literally lifts some lines from it and doesn't appear to have Sean Connory.

"Gangster Squad." From the makers of "Action Film" and "The Premise."

I guess I shouldn't be expecting a catchy title from someone who copy-pasted the script to The Untouchables and only changed the part at the top that says "Establishing shot -- Chicago" to read "Los Angeles."
Jesus, this looks fucking awful.
I know. Sean Penn, eww. (I do not care for his performances, you see)

Viral marketing stunt.
Nice penis shaped logo they came up with!
ryan gosling is horrible
Jet Bin Fever
This reminds me of how they pulled those "The Watch" trailers after the Trayvon Martin killing.
blue vein steel
they changed the name from "Neighborhood Watch" too

Jet Bin Fever
oh yeah, double whammy!

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