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Desc:Horrible people do horrible things.
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:horrible people, white people
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The Mothership
Oh Hanson, how could you?

This is master pranksmanship.
They pooped on a toddler.
Hahaha oh God, I'm doing this the next time I go to the beach.
Little shit heads causing shitted on heads.
Binro the Heretic
I'm going to call shenanigans on this one. I know birds have a fast metabolism, but there's no way the stuff would affect them so quickly.

What's more likely happening is they simply used food to entice the seagulls to fly over the crowd and seagulls shit all the time, even while flying so it's only natural there would be some spattering.

That's how the seagulls around here are, anyway.
There are a few red flags about the production that make me think this is fake

Or they edited the video, dumbass.

Great, be cruel to animals and ruin people's day off.
I hope someone breaks a bottle over their heads.
Old People
Go away.

Seriously. Nobody likes seagulls. They're rats with rings.

I agree with you, Cena. And you'll notice I didn't downvote it to rain on everyone's parade.
BUT - even though I don't like an animal, there is no reason to abuse it.

Dr Robot
Did you seriously just fucking say "downvote"? You really need to leave this site and never come back. We all know where you spend the majority of your time, go back there.

HAHAHA, You got me good, Dr. Robot!

pressed peanut sweepings
Is that Venice Beach.
Reminds me of the time the building managers at my old workplace fed the pigeons special food that was supposed to drive them away.

It resulted in the cars in the parking lot being covered in purple pigeon droppings. Oddly satisfying to see my boss's white soft-top convertible covered in beautiful purple.
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