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Desc:The Third Eagle Of The Apocalypse helpfully composes a new campaign song for Mitt.
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:keyboard, green screen, Mitt Romney, William Tapley
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Oscar Wildcat
Yes, but in order to get new and original music Romney would have to _pay_ for it, something capitalist are so often loathe to do. You see, you steal it, then you sell it. 100% profit margin.
Poseidon, king of the sea?!
This sums up the Tea Party aesthetic pretty perfectly. I hope this gets 50,000,000 hits.
Maggot Brain
A far second to "Jimmy Carter Says "Yes!""
Oscar Wildcat
But on par with "God in his infinite wisdom, has put Richard Nixon on this earth".

Rhyming "crock" and "got". Good stuff.
we're all riding in our minivan

two drink holders and a captain's chair

pulling the lever to adjust the seat
I wasn't down with this clip until the double dukes at the end. SOLD!
Jet Bin Fever
We found our Summer JAM guys!
"A Hero In My Mind"

....and nowhere else.
Even people who write love songs to Mitt Romney can't think of a single reason to vote for him beside "he's not Obama."
John Holmes Motherfucker
This is the greatest video of all time.

God, you have absolutely no mercy. None at all.
"Wars and rumors of wars" has to be the stupidest most general sign of the end times that's ever existed.
Im somewhat surprised that this guy would endorse Romney. He seems like the type that would have an issue with the whole mormonism thingie.
Old People
John Holmes Motherfucker
Well, it's a joke. I think the setup at the beginning makes that clear.
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