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Desc:He just wants us to have more fun, slurpees.
Category:Educational, Crime
Tags:batman, James Holmes, temporal illusions
Submitted:Chocolate Jesus
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Comment count is 23
Chocolate Jesus
He should've just opened a kickstarter for his dumb temporal illusions in video game idea -- there'd be one more unworthy millionaire and twelve less people to bury.
2:02 for this actual idea. It looks like he wanted to make a flash program that would "show how our perception of causality can be tricked." So you would have a button that you would press to make an image appear. Then, he would add in what he calls a "Temporal Order Judgemental Reversal", in which "the effects seem to preceed the actions that cause them". Do achieve this, the system adds delays after each key press - starting at 10 milliseconds, then going to 20 ms, then 30, up to 200 ms - so as to "modify the user's perception of time." Then, they remove the delay, and this return to no delay causes the Temporal Order Judgemental Reversal effect.

So basically, the morning of, he managed to stretch out to five pages his concept of "Press button to make image appear, then delay image incrementally, then remove delay. THEN IT FEELS LIKE TIME'S MOVING FASTER MAN!!"
And that lame ass excuse for a powerpoint presentation just screams of "I did this in 5 minutes and I'm really really lazy."
Some clip art from The Matrix and a screen shot of an empty Flash window? Ok, brah.

Nobody who has ever had that style of haircut has ever been sane, in my experience.
The "always sweaty" look? Yeah, I'd wondered about that kind of person, too.

Oscar Wildcat
Quite likely the boy is schizophrenic. Many such people have filtered through the POETV hopper, often displaying weapons and discussing how they are going to "defend" themselves against the gangstalking multitudes. Frankly, I'm amazed one of our "pets" hasn't appeared on the evening news, but then, people do go postal all the time and unless something really dramatic happens we don't often hear about it.

In this boys case, he did seek help, and was being consoled by a psychiatrist at his university. Not that it helped him much. Someone dropped the ball in a big way. The university is closing ranks and lawyering up on this. But we shall see.

There was that Edarem guy, but he was a pedo, not a paranoid schizophrenic.

*ALLEGED* killer
Dread Pirate Roberts
Actually a pretty interesting theory. His example of car accident avoidance is interesting. If there is a short delay of, say 200-500 milliseconds between action and effect (turning of the wheel, actual system turning the wheels), people would get used to driving that certain way.

When in an accident situation, collision detection could potentially remove that delay altogether and... cause epic havoc as people flip their cars. Or avoid them. Or something.
I think everything about his theory is bullshit. Animalistic murdering of innocents aside, this guy is not smart.

It might make them feel like they have a super power.

Dread Pirate Roberts
You don't think I was serious do you? I mean... in the last sentence I say that it will end up killing people. Just imagine: everyone in an accident situation suddenly turning on super physics and handling from the GTA series.

It was the news assholes who started the story of him being a genius. Based on the information available about him, he sounds like he peaked around high school, then cruised along under his own momentum until the grad program.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
http://www.freep.com/article/20120725/NEWS07/120725017/Colorado-su spect-James-Holmes-wasn-t-supersmart-neuroscientists-say

Boy definitely has some TFL going on with him.

John Holmes Motherfucker
He's a joker.
He's a smoker.
He's a midnight toker.
Sure don't want to hurt no one.
Sociopath or schizophrenic or a little of both? What he did took a good bit of planning, especially the armor.
Chocolate Jesus
It was a tactical vest. Which requires about as much planning as a regular vest.

Well, sociopath by definition, no? I wouldn't think schizophrenia.

whatever it is, i'm sure we have all the necessary qualifications to diagnose it

Actually I happen to have state-issued behavioral science credentials, for what that's worth, as well as a fair amount of experience in mental health settings.

But are you a bouncer?

whats in the booooooxxxxx. no whats in the boooooxxxxx
this is really one where we just need a hug, a good hug, in a box

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