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Desc:in Russia
Tags:russia, Grenade, WTF Russia, grenade fishing
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Oscar Wildcat
Chechen fish fight back!
In America, that would be a bass-boat made from welded-together oil drums, the grenades would be a bunch of taped-together M-80's, instead of coats there would be overalls, there would be swearing throughout, and one of the men would be short a hand while the other one runs around the boat laughing while he's engulfed in flames. For a finale, the beer cooler would detonate.
WTF poachers, this is not something legal in Russia.
"grenade fishing gone wrong"

How could this go right is the real question.
The Mothership
that was pretty much perfect.
From what I understand, this is actually from a movie set.
The "In memoriam" credit at the end must be a mile long.

Well, ha, it's Russia.

Didn't any of these people ever watch Crocodile Dundee 2?
Robin Kestrel
I'm not sure what they thought would happen here.
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