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Desc:Classic passive-aggressive rhetoric from a GOP member
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:Interview, obama, self, 2008
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Comment count is 10
i preferred catherine o'hara in best in show :-/
Yes, no one lost their job or had a car or home repossessed before Obama.

You fucking tool.
This woman was a petite red head 4 years ago.

What you're seeing is a stage 2 Victoria Jackson morph.
The next step is getting an ukulele.

21st Century Pro-Fascist Comedy, for those in the future documenting this goddamned bullshit into categories.
Jet Bin Fever
In the post-youtube future no one will know or care about these sorts of things, or so we could only hope.

John Holmes Motherfucker
Ah, the YouTube marketplace of ideas. This inane obnoxious video is perfect for people to leave inane obnoxious comments like "Liberalism is a mental disorder" (daltonfury7670 ), and that's going to lead to responses that I agree with, but are nevertheless inane and obnoxious. i hope I can resist the temptation.
Hey future self, am I still a massive shit head?
Awwww... you're a little contrarian who loves being the oppressed minority. We get it.
I love the strange dystopian America that Republicans live in where Obama outlawed all asthma medicine, made America an authoritarian dictatorship through executive orders, destroyed the green energy sector and I guess put the middle east into a debt crisis?

No wonder they hate Obama.
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