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Desc:Someone put a lot of work into these. NSFW language.
Category:Video Games, Stunts
Tags:my little pony, Skyrim, bronies, cold dead eyes, taking a few ponies to the face
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Comment count is 14
Get this shit offa here
Some shit is so awful it must be shared.

I'm going to agree with Maru. The video content fits, but the commentary is aggressive unfunny.

It's amazing, really. It's as if there's some unwritten rule that if you put "video gamers" in front of a mic, they immediately either adopt a "white guy trying to be gangsta" persona or a "guy in a Hawaiian shirt trying and failing to be funny during a morning drive radio show from 1994" persona.

And few people seem to mind or inform them that they're lowering every IQ exposed to them along with their own.

One thing that plays into it is probably that the standard of humour in video games is and always has been incredibly low (and even those things that are funny or chaming, like Duke Nukem, they tend to like unironically), and most people like this don't really expose themselves to other mediums.

-1 because the commentary is by the guys who made Red VS Blue. Red VS Blue was overrated and stupid.

+1 for the horrifying/glorious sight of a pony riding a horse into battle.
Caminante Nocturno
Their anger mirrors mine!
The Mothership
6 seconds.
It's an okay mod.
I don't get the hate. To me, this video is the raison d'etre of this site.
Wonko the Sane
kill all bronies
Goofy, yes. Stupid, yes, but also a textbook example of how Bronies seem to be compelled to mix the object of their obsession with other things, even though, you know, they shouldn't. It's like the ultimate embarrassing and creepy version of people mixing their fandom obsessions together, whether via creepy crossover fanfiction/fanart, senseless video mashups (like setting the intro one of their favorite shows to the theme music of another) etc. because IT'S TWO THINGS I FREAK OUT OVER AT THE SAME TIME!!
Five for Red vs. Blue, the best thing online that isn't Rage Quit.
Five for a Skrimp video that pisses off the Skrimpkins.
Five for Skrimp + Bronies, it was an inevitable synergy of like minds.
Five for me having a life that almost caused this to fall off the front page without my input.
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