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Desc:Men hold most positions of power in society? Clearly it's misandry.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:smug, Air Quotes, mens rights, girlwriteswhat, tl;dw
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Comment count is 13
She should do a video on why ladies in nearly every office/workplace secretly hate each other.

For her next trick, she'll go on about how men are forced, against their will, to occupy nearly all of the top-paying corporate positions. She'll wax on about their oppression as they have to do something with giant piles of money and no limits on how they can spend it.
Ah, GirlWritesWhat. She's a sad single mother who's carved a niche for herself as a minor internet celebrity with the TFL/MRA lonelyman types. She's known for being extremely monotonous and long winded, and once claimed she convinced her parents that she was too smart to go to college (she's a waitress). Many MRA's are in love with her. Many others believe she is a feminist spy, sent to infiltrate the MRM because she has a short haircut.

Five stars because I've never been able to make it through any of her 20 minute videos.
Sudan no1
Yeah, I think she's even engaged to one now. She finally found out a way to get male attention, unfortunately the males she's attracted think domestic abuse and rape is no big deal and women need to STFU and obey their men... she has a wonderful life ahead of her.

Radical feminists suck. Why can't Cathy Brennan harass these people? These MRA motherfuckers interact with society at large. I'm calling it now. Fox news will have some MRA on talking about how guys get hit in the balls on TV and implying that feminists are somehow responsible.

Meanwhile, their feminist counterparts will put their two cents in in an undisclosed location to a sympathetic audience. Whatever happened to the Lesbian Avengers?
Cathy Brennan is too busy hating transwomen to worry about something as petty as misogyny.

Some day, I hope I get to live in this alternate universe where you can debunk any claim just by repeating it in a silly voice.
This woman and the one that got free games from the kickstarter thing should fight each other, gladiator style.
a comment from her on this video:

"In, say, Afghanistan, it's dangerous to walk out of your front door. The women are ordered to stay at home. The men are not *ordered* to go out and face danger, but someone has to or everyone starves. Who has more choice? The person who cannot choose to go outside the home, or the person who cannot choose NOT to go outside the home because there's no one else to do it?
Legally, men were "allowed" to do necessary things in the public sphere. They weren't *allowed* to NOT do them."

no way I am watching 45 minutes of this
Sudan no1
yeah those women in Afghanistan have it good /rolls eyes at the speed of sound

Not going to lie, I presented this lady to some friends of mine awhile back, expecting that they would agree in her being bat shit crazy. They didn't, so I thought I could've been wrong, and started trying to take her videos seriously. That didn't last long. Glad to see she made it to POE in all of her fallacy ridden glory though.
It's awkward when you bring something hilarious to your friend's attention and they take it seriously...

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