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Desc:Appararntly Darren Aronofsky cut his teeth on video games
Category:Video Games
Tags:Commodore 64, Ultra violence, Video Game Endings
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Oscar Wildcat
That single bit scream will haunt your dreams...
Especially since it was the same scream used in Impossible Mission 1 every time you fell through a hole in the floor.

At least the first game had the bad guy saying "No!" three times and a woman's voice telling you "Mission Accomplished: Congratulations."

Wow, so you just fling yourself to your death?
I have to go now, my planet needs me.
One hell of a way to end a game.
I remember never being able to understand the voice at the beginning of the first game. To me it always sounded like "Na, na , na, zz top. Stay awhile, stay forever!" Here's the clip... http://www.cabinsforyou.com/mountain_view_ii_cabin_rental.htm
Whoops, wrong link. If you want a nice cabin getaway in pigeon forge go there, otherwise... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GV3H_zWLDTs

It says "Another visitor". Although "Na na na, ZZ Top" wouldn't be that bad, either.

wait what just happened
Does that goddamn chipmetal noise play every time you land on something?
I played this game a lot, forgotten how it sounds when you run. Didn't remember the sucky ending.
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