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Desc:In order to bring awareness to poverty
Category:Educational, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Ouch, paintballs, Bruises for Justice
Submitted:Father Avalanche
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Comment count is 11
21,000 kids um die every year due to poverty or something. We (muffled by helmet) and awareness. Now let's do this fun thing we were going to do anyway!
fun? That would be noooo fun at all, i would rather fall onto a beehive easily. being one of those 5 guys would have sucked.

but yeah these guys are retarded

fun would be having 21,000 orgasms or bong hits gold medals or something, but basically you are going to die from 21,000 of ANYTHING fun

Points taken, but you know what I mean. What's wrong with collecting 21,000 bucks for a food bank? Or you and your buddies volunteering a collective 21,000 hours, see above? Or having folks line up and pay a buck per ball to shoot you, and donate the proceeds to...

Stars for the guy on the right who wore a cup over his pants AND protected his groin with his hands. Safety first!
0 worth of paintballs went to end poverty today. You just want to watch these people all starve to death.
First world solutions.
Good idea ruined by over editing. Should have just been a real time single shot of the victims.

"Okay here we go, oh okay I GUESS watching close ups of the guns is just as good oh here they go back to the victims oh thank god you sped that up so you could skip right to the moral."
is it wrong that the repeated close up shots of the one gun being fired by the person's middle finger pissed me off? was there something wrong with his index finger? do the paintball guns have horrible balance and need to be braced in as dumb a fashion as possible? I don't paintball, so I always figured it would be similar to firing real guns when it came to the trigger pull, and this would not fly with a firearm at all. WTH
You can shoot a bit faster that way, and it doesn't really hurt your accuracy because there never really was any to start with.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I truly salute these guys.
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