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Category:Educational, Crime
Tags:Corruption, banks, bill moyers, matt taibbi, Yves Smith
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"People refuse to look at these banks and think of them as organized crime organizations, in their eyes, organized crime is always the Italian mafia or the Irish mafia, this isn't what it looks like, but that is who they are. And I think that they are treated with a kind of deference and respect because traditionally that's not who they were, they were these icons of finance who helped build this country. But that's not who they are any more."

This is followed by the conversation at 17:00 that social programs all over the world will take the punishment for the crimes of the big banks.

"The implications are actually quite grim, and they are not being discussed honestly. We're talking about old people dying faster. We're talking about children being homeless and not getting educated. We're talking about grim outcomes like that and they're not even part of the discourse."

They both get one thing wrong, though. The banks now have enormous resources, and their understanding of propaganda and message control are pretty sophisticated. Anyone who thinks that the banks will ever get held accountable for their crimes is mistaken. In America and GB at least, the government, the poor, and non-whites will continue to get the blame.
Tell you what, I'll bring the pitchforks if you bring the torches.

Can't give less than a five and a favorite to Matt and Yves.
Always 5-star rage-inducing bank shenanigans.
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