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Desc:The full movie. Makes Tommy Wiseau look like Akira Kurosawa.
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Vultures, ACTING!, james nguyen
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Comment count is 16
you cannot begin to fathom how fucking horrible this movie is. for lazy viewers: check out the special effects at 0:50:40. Animated GIF monster shock and terror.
You may as well skip to 50:40, because hardly anything that happens in the first half of the film has any bearing on what happens in the second half.

That said, if you skip the first half, YOU'LL MISS THE CLAPPING.

Ranma X.
Not to mention all of the "sowaopehnuh"s and the awkward conference chair humping.

I watched this movie for the first time several months ago.
The "scientist's" monolog about global warming that drones on for several minutes is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life. We were literally laughing with tears running down our cheeks.

My favorite was the hippie tree man. They (he?) couldn't think of any way other way to end the scene so he just says that he hears a mountain lion and runs away.

This film fucking amazes me. I hear it's got quite the cult following, but when I first saw it I knew nothing whatsoever about it. My friends and I picked it at random off of Netflix based on its amusing name.

We were not prepared. We were not prepared for the majesty. No one is.
Eagles are sneaky birds!
I saw this in a theater setting originally, and it blew my mind. I also like how, to this day, the film is still marketed with Tippi Hedren's name in the main cast, despite the fact the only appearance of her in the movie is a quick shot of a movie she was in playing on a TV in a motel room.

Supposedly, none of the actors got paid until the film was picked up by Magnet for DVD release, who then paid everyone who worked on the film who got screwed out of money by the batshit director.
I can only watch this film with the Rifftrax, which is very funny.
Koda Maja
The 'How Did This Get Made?' for this is really good too.

I've heard that! That whole episode was pretty amusing.

Perfect movie for hanging out with your family and having yourself a party.
i need the biggest seed bell you have
No, that's too big.

Jump to 42:08.
Sound breaks on every new shot!

I've seen cable access movies with better production values. This thing is like the movie that kids try to make when they get their first camcorder. No post editing, just hit pause and run to the new spot and start recording again.
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