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Desc:His daughter died as a result.
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:banks, The Young Turks, revolution now, banker scum must die, Wells Fargo
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 24
I hate it when people say "There's a special place in hell for people like this". There should be a special place for these people WHILE THEY ARE ALIVE, dammit, because otherwise they never stop doing shit like this until they die.
Since I don't believe in hell, that phrase just means that people disapprove but not enough to ever do anything about it.


This makes me nauseous.
this is the end
The United States is the only country in the world that could afford to give its citizens universal health coverage and refuses to do so for political/lobbyist reasons.
Personally I think it has a lot to do with racism.

^This. Plus the "lazy" poor don't deserve our tax dollars. As if poor people don't have the shittiest, hardest to do jobs. Loading trucks 3rd shift and mowing lawns or picking up scrap metal seems just lazy is what I'm saying.

I'm not watching this because it's too damn depressing but this isn't really an unusual situation, is it? I thought firing people who were seriously ill to keep the company's insurance rates down was standard practice at Walmart and a lot of other large companies.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Yes, but this caused the death of a small child.

True, as opposed to an adult.

I wish I'd taken notes back when I had a weekend job with a guy who worked for an insurance company run by the Bush family. He gave me a detailed rundown of the comprehensive array of penalties they (and pretty much all insurance companies) use to ensure that doctors will give their patients the minimum amount of care possible. Really disgusting stuff.

Shoebox Joe
The only companies I know that even use time cards are those hiring temp work. I don't think you can get something as important and financially critical as a mortgage consultant through a temp agency.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/07/wells-fargo-yovany-go nzalez_n_1751461.html

Okay, this is getting a little strange. Supervisor even says that it was "okay if he didn't always remember what exact hours he worked"

I guess I'll come forward and say all of my work has been blue collar, but that still seems really off. Also from the article.

"Before Gonzalez was fired, Wells Fargo and United Health Care, the health insurer, asked Gonzalez's wife "numerous questions" about Mackenzie's treatment and made "several references ... to the costs of her treatment," the lawsuit states. Around that time, Gonzalez's supervisor told Gonzalez that Wells Fargo was looking for reasons to get rid of him, according to the lawsuit."

I don't think anyone with a dying child is going to have an up beat step to push themselves on keeping their hours in tact.

Wouldn't be surprised if they used the warning as reason for dismissal.
Dread Pirate Roberts
'Timesheet' probably just refers to their internal tracking of hours. Even salaried workers have to keep track of it for workers comp and labor law issues. They may get a steady paycheck, but they still can't work over the maximum without permission. They have to track that stuff.

I bet you can get a mortgage consultant through a temp agency, possibly an industry-specific one.

I worked at John Hancock a few years ago at about 40% of their workforce, right up through some middle management, is temps. I was a temp, and I was one of only 4 people (all temps) who approved all long-term care claims. No insurance experience, 4 days of on the job training form another temp, and I was out there using my judgement to approve or deny coverage for long term inpatient and hospice care. This was for Harvard professors and stuff, expensive, high end long term care policies. All temps. My boss was a temp. I can't think of anyone on our floor who wasn't a temp except for people who had been there longer than 5 years, which is how long it had been since the company was sold.

Large companies use as many temps as possible because they can fire them at will without notice and don't have to give them benefits. The insult-to-injury part for me, though, is that the company was paying around - an hour for us and we only saw of that.

Sorry for the LJ.

ugh. fuck that shit.

Time sheet is dirt common for consulting work. Basically they want you to record your hours for how many hours to bill the clients. 60% of the company is consulting and we all have to fill them out, even if we do the same task all year since I'm a developer.

Some of us haven't filled it out in months. I'm not worried about a pink slip anytime soon.

Large aerospace companies require meticulous tracking of time, even for salaried workers.

I used to work in consulting. My boss would talk to me about my timesheet if I billed half an hour extra to a project than I normally would.

The Great Criminal Empire of America marches on. Claim Denied Uber Alles.
This is petty. No it's not the first time something like this has happened, but it most certainly isn't acceptable by any stretch of the imagination. The real shame here is, like LIBOR, or even Tayvon Martin before him, this is a story still not being reported in the media. Granted, I'm sure that all it will do is cause trolls to come out from under their bridges, junior corporate economists to speak on behalf of the invisible hand, and conservatives to blame it on that secret muslim, but people should at least know, so when it finally dawns on those groups, that capitalist America actually won't let them live, they won't be able to say they didn't see it coming.
Yeah, at least people are going to jail for the LIBOR stuff. People probably got promoted for this one. Hopefully his lawsuit works out.

Thank God I don't live in Europe where they ration healthcare.
I left America years ago. I don't regret the decision.
Yup, pro life nation. Once you're born, fuck ya, you're on your own.
More life means more suffering. More blood for the blood god.
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