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Desc:Obama's already got its first ad put together. From the official YouTube channel.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, election 2012, paul ryan, austerity
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Comment count is 12
Hooker - 2012-08-11
How is austerity not a linked tag yet?
love - 2012-08-11
cutting back. tags aren't free, ya know.

chumbucket - 2012-08-11
Tag cuts for the rich.

blue vein steel - 2012-08-11
Herman and Eddie Munster: 2012
StanleyPain - 2012-08-11
Just to remind everyone, the reason why Mitt Romney is refusing to release his tax info and related docs is because they will undoubtedly show that he hasn't been paying ANY taxes whatsoever for some years now using numerous loopholes. The evidence is mounting and seems to be the only explanation for his dodging this issue.
He also has yet to explain how he has an IRA worth million when, by law, you are only allowed to increase it's amount by 00 per year.
Vaidency - 2012-08-11
Give someone enough rope and they'll eventually hang themselves. The Ryan budget, which almost every single Republican congressman as well as their presidential candidate is on-record as supporting, is filled with specific proposals that will not poll well with voters.

Increased media scrutiny of his plan will obviously follow his joining their presidential ticket, and that is unlikely to help Romney or congressional Republicans attempting to keep their seats.

This whole thing is basically a gift to the Democrats. Obama might lose anyway do to his various vulnerabilities, but any Republican who thinks the Ryan budget plan is going to help them win votes nationally has been spending too much time in the right-wing echo chamber.
SteamPoweredKleenex - 2012-08-11
I was rather hoping that the American people would have realized by now that nearly all of them are middle to lower class, not the potential billionaires they think they'll someday be when they can then pay no taxes.

Of course, we seem to be a nation of easily distracted and easily persuaded useful idiots, so... corporate feudalism looks like the best we'll be able to hope for.
Xenocide - 2012-08-11
I forget who it was, but I remember reading a column by a conservative pundit whose dad would take his family on trips, where they would just get in the car and drive through the richest neighborhood in town, looking at the houses. And dad would talk about how amazing the people who lived there were. He knew all of their names and what industry they got rich in, even though he had never met any of them. And he's always end the trip by saying how, one day, they were going to join them. These trips would go on for hours.

When you follow an ideology where you worship the rich as gods, you can either hate yourself for not being one of them, or delude yourself into thinking that you would be if it weren't for that dark feller in the white house.

fatatty - 2012-08-12
Marco Rubio was the one who originally told that story, but it's been repeated by a ton of people on the right to perpetuate their myth of "everyone can be rich". A myth that's pretty essential when your main platform is tax cuts for the rich.

cognitivedissonance - 2012-08-12
They've known Ryan was the pick since Romney took his mid-election season vacation last month and Ryan came out as surrogate. It's no surprise. They've had a month to prepare.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2012-08-12
Lex Luthor is a major supporter of Mitt Romney and would like to thank him personally for his many contributions to our society.
FABIO - 2012-08-12
https://twitter.com/RyanLizza/status/234170474446344192/photo/ 1
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