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Desc:Dog dislikes diet food.
Category:Pets & Animals, Humor
Tags:dog, Lamb, jerky, Dogegory, low-fat
Submitted:Sudan no1
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Comment count is 24
Can you blame him?
It's made out of strays.
Sudan no1
doggie Charlton Heston. All he needs a little bandanna.

Sudan no1
^is a

I think the guy must've pulled a strip off of the thing sitting on the couch

This is exactly how my dog responded when I gave him a spicy pickle. I wish I had video taped it.

He loves lamb jerky though!
No mention of the inert lump of couch corpse wrapped in muslin?
Pope Caius
This is me whenever I'm at a vegan's house.

It's cruel, he had a lamb for a friend.
That guy

My dog had its first piece of an Oreo cookie today. Then there was 20 minutes of her licking her chops and giving puppydog eyes for another one. When that didn't work, the hunt for crumbs began...
You know, chocolate is poisonous to dogs.

Yeah, but in much larger quantities than a bit of oreo, for a 50 pound dog they'd have to eat upwards of a pound of milk chocolate before any serious reaction happens


I like snopes but if you give a dog any chocolate at all, prepare for a river of shit. If you don't believe me, try it out on some dogs.

I think it depends on the dog, we had a black lab once that ate an entire large novelty hershey kiss, despite our terror, all that happened was fairly normal poo speckled with foil for some time

My dachshund did this when I gave him a very sour piece of cucumber today.
The Townleybomb
This is the only correct response to any kind of 'diet' processed food.
When an animal that happily eats poop refuses to touch your food, that may be a hint that you should stay away from it.
Moustache McGillicuddy
the dog is a stickler for quality, and can tell that it was acquired at the bargain bin at Dollar Tree. 52 cents for lamb jerky is a recipe for disaster, unacceptable even by dollar tree standards.
That guy
It's the fact that the dog refuses or never thinks to go in the other room that blows my mind.
White Trash Party
It makes me fear what is in the other room.

Killer Joe
"I could bite it to protect myself... but then it would be in my mouth..."
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