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Desc:Too soon?
Tags:roast, rosie, Jeff ross
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Rodents of Unusual Size
Those were some damn good jokes. It's a shame Comedy Central is cutting so many of them.
The Mothership
For the chain-yourself-to-Roseanne's-chair-joke.

But really, they were all solid.
I guess I'll middle-of-the-road rate this for fucking Howard Stern laughing in that peculiarly arrogant and grandstanding way. It's the laugh of someone that has no idea of humour and every idea of wanting attention.
Wow. That's the first time I've heard jokes at a roast shock the audience out of laughing.

Also, this whole thing was hilarious, but it's certainly no "Bob Saget raped and killed a girl in 1990".
I laughed, but Norm Macdonald did it way better, and was more original.
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