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Desc:Teen Mom 'Star' puts out 'music video' far too terribad for 73Q
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Crime
Tags:MTV, autotune, Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham
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Comment count is 21
This is awful.
Really, really awful.
My girlfriend watches this show so, as a result, I often watch this show. I feel terrible about myself.

That said, this girl is seriously one of the worst human beings. This song is about the father of her baby, who died in a car accident before the kid was born. So to hear her "sing" something about blaming him is pretty terrible.

Wow, she's awful. This song is awful, too.

Without the vocals the first minute or so sounds like an Aphex Twin track.
Without the vocals the first minute or so sounded like a lot of really popular "underground" hipster music right now.

Then the vocals came in and it got better.

i was thinking the exact same thing re aphex twin.

Billy the Poet
There ought to be some sort of licensing requirement for the use of autotune.
This new Nosferatu album isn't bad.
Robin Kestrel
My sadness flares.
see what happens when you dont have abortion, mr akin. im not talking about the toddler
It's a shame Mr. Achin' wasn't aborted.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Holy fuck. Somewhere in Africa there is some potential genius mathematician who doesn't have access to clean water and this woman has a computer and makes this.
Jet Bin Fever
Overwhelming sadness.
She wrote and is releasing a soundtrack her autobiography. The first single was even worse than this one, if you can believe it. Check it out:

That is pretty terrible, but it at least sounds like the kind of song that someone who had heard a song once would make. MY TEENAGE DREAM ENDED is almost completely off-beat and rhymes like three times.

No no no... "My Teenage Dream Ended" is the name of the autobiography, and I imagine it's also the name of the soundtrack that all of these atrocities are on. This song is called "On My Own" and the other one I linked is "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom", which I think is way worse, but different strokes.

Now get it right or pay the price.

That kid is too old to still have a pacifier. Knock that shit off, unprepared parents.
Vote pro-choice.
Anybody else miss song poems?
I miss the English language, personally.

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