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Desc:Older brother gets revenge for younger brother's facebook hijacking.
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:pranks, facebook, people with lots of money and time
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Comment count is 17
He took that amazingly well.
he's dutch... most peoples' free time here is spent doing elaborate shaming pranks

He took it well because he's Dutch.

What a lame prank. So much work for so little payoff.
Sometimes you're an idiot.

You're the idiot. This is a lame prank and you can't see that.

American Standard
If he had taken it harder, I would have thought less of him. It might have implied something very unfortunate about how he regards women and women's things.

Wish we could be there when he finds the dildo.

It's a vibrator. That wasn't very nice of them. They should have gotten him something with a flared base that he could actually use without risking a really embarrassing emergency room visit.

Shoebox Joe
Cena, I am sorry but I agree with the others.

This person was obviously overwhelmed by the power of friendship.

I wanted to see him prove his manliness by punching holes in the walls and ripping up posters.

That guy


The Townleybomb
The best part of this was how I couldn't understand anything but the words "Facebook" and "fuck". And in the 21st century, do you really need anything else?

Corpus Delectable
This kid is very honest with himself regarding his level of laziness.
again, he's dutch...

Wow, I feel really lazy now. He put more effort into this prank than I have ever put into decorating my living space.
I wonder what was in that picture that was so funny.
Jet Bin Fever
It's the little details that make this prank work. I think he would've been more upset if it weren't so flawless.
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