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Desc:Its a sacrifice
Tags:Jesus, exercise, jocks, christians
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Comment count is 9
wow, where to start...ok

1) everyones total insincerity shines through like a Christmas star

2) the rolling shutter/wobbly house at the beginning made me feel trippy

3) endless penis-in-the-gopher-hole fap jokes

4) trying to make a connection between push-ups and abstinence and religion

OK, I'm done
In and outs.
Those are good burgers

shut the fuck up donny

I've been doing pushups for 6 weeks now, but I'm still a total slut. What am I doing wrong?
Push ups for purity, deadlifts for depravity
Adham Nu'man
I just woke up and I'm having a coffee for Jesus. I'm a little hungover cause last night I had one too many for Jesus.
I heard:

"Hi I'm Mario St. Francis and I want to bang this religious chick. This was the best strategy I could come up with."
In five years, we're going to find this guy arrested for some crime against children and find his massive video library of kids doing pushups for Jesus, aren't we.

And wow, way to show devotion of "do 100 pushups, at some point in time, when you feel like it, or maybe not pushups at all, over a day. Just do something 100 times for Jesus". It kinda sums up the average American's "devotion" to their religion.
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