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Desc:Guru Larry's 2009 interview with the human train-wreck, now fully restored, remastered and uncut.
Category:Horror, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:autism, sonichu, Chris-Chan, Guru Larry, Horrors of the Internet
Submitted:MacGyver Style Bomb
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Comment count is 10
This is the first video to make me acutely aware of the poeTV aspect ratio.
Some of the fans of Chris-chan have observed that he has no theory of mind - if he likes something, he expects you to like it also. He has likes and dislikes, but nothing in the way of a real personality. That would develop through interaction with others, but he can't (or won't) do that. The only people he talks to on a regular basis are his mother (who is batshit insane) and Sonichu and Rosechu (who don't exist). Chris-chan is unable to think in abstract terms and without the shock and horror at how someone so loathsome could exist, he's a terribly dully being. Chris-chan doesn't care about anything and has no passion, interests, or hobbies - without any drive, he'll never construct a personality. He won't interact with other people on their terms and will never be able to understand other human beings.

At the same time, there are some elements of tragedy in his grotesque tale. While Chris-chan fled back to his room and CWCVille whenever he wanted, his reality sucked - a filthy house, parents who were ashamed of him, combative authority figures, and "friends" who at best tolerated him and at worse used him (for money or sympathy).
at worst, damn it.

What's going on with this guy now? (Chris that is)
American Standard
Active on Facebook, has two new dogs, sentenced to probation and community service for assaulting that game store owner in his final attempt to defy his lifetime ban from The Game Place. Still a "tomgirl," but no longer a virgin thanks to a whore. (A literal whore, who was paid.)

Forever Alone status: Intact.

It was one year last week since he posted his last video to YouTube. You have to give him credit for that at least. All the trolls have left are scraps of leftover insanity like this.

terrible interviewer, his aimless meandering at the beginning of this video fills me with bored hatred
Hard to decide who is stupider and/or more boring, interview or interviewee.
[Game title] looks pretty good, hmmm.

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