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Desc:Godfrey Ho schlock with some of the scariest looking stunts I've ever seen (all in trailer)
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Halloween, holy shit, godfrey ho, girls with guns
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There's also a scene in this movie that deserves particular mention. It starts with a character (male) we've seen before but, in typical Godfrey Ho fashion, we aren't sure what to think of and a new character, a woman. They are lounging on a boat. The woman goes under the deck and comes back up wearing only bikini bottoms and carrying two wine glasses half filled with screwdrivers (or something). She then presses the glasses against her breasts as she walks the drinks over to the man, who may-or-may-not find this erotic. She calls the drinks "cupid cocktails."

Anyway, they drink those. Afterwards, the woman handcuffs the man to the boat and summons a skinny white man with male pattern baldness and a full beard and a slightly more muscular black man from wherever. They are both wearing very small speedos and nothing else. The woman informs the man that the two are named Baldy and Blacky / Super Dick respectively, and tells the man that they are "blue-movie studs from Hollywood." She then insinuates that they are here to rape him and the two approach the man as the scene ends.
Soundtrack by John Carpenter.

Also, that scene where she shoots the defenestrating man and they put squibs on the corpse lying in front of the window was cool.
Angel Enforcers!

Bodies rain from the sky as underpaid stuntpersons are tossed around like ragdolls!

Angel Enforcers!

*Halloween theme*

*stuntman throws himself to a wall


This actually looks pretty fucking cool.
Every Godfrey Ho piece is a precious gem but this looks like the most actually competent one I've ever seen.

I blame Jackie Chan's incredibly high standards during the 80's for pushing Godfrey Ho to paralyze all of the actors of Angel Enforcers. With that said, this movie looks incredibly bad ass compared to the typical Godfrey Ho fare.
Jet Bin Fever
I wonder what Godfrey Ho's employee health plan looked like.
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