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Desc:a couple of repeats
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:, Family Feud
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Comment count is 10
"Masturbate" would be my top answer, too.
Eroticus E
Toss in "Playstation" and I think you've got it covered.

I, too, have fallen for the phony horse purchase. I have since stopped purchasing my horses in Chinatown.
Works so much better without the host reactions.
How many different people have hosted this show? Is it up to a dozen yet? Is there some sort of curse?

Jet Bin Fever
I have to disagree. I think Steve Harvey's reaction to "naked grandma" was the best part of that clip.

^^^ Agree totally, all my stars are for his reaction to naked grandma.

Hay Belly
The best part of the clip was cut off after the woman said "September."

"something you might buy that could turn out to be phony"


That made me laugh loud.
One of those cheap Taiwanese bootleg horses; try to ride it and the legs fall off.

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