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Desc:Here's to you, Kojima and Snake
Category:Video Games, Trailers
Tags:Metal Gear Solid, hideo kojima, Sacco e Vanzetti
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Comment count is 6
Can't wait, I suddenly don't feel like Video Games are shit! Life is good again!
Are we going to be able to play this one?
This will be every bit as awful as all the other Metal Gear games.
Dr. Lobotomy
The idea of a more sandbox-y Metal Gear with multiple paths/routes to objectives is pretty neat.

9:22 seconds of cutscenes out of an eleven minutes video though...
Ugh. Long rambling monologues, generic soldiers carrying high tech rifles, jeep driving/pod racing/sandstorm, helicopters exist, Gary Oldman from Hannibal puts on a silly cowboy hat, then middle-aged Benjamin Button Snake appears. The video ends probably right before you have to sit through a 48 minute conversation with Otacon about nano-techno-syntho something & have the history of the aftermath of the coldwar shoved up your ass. Fuck.
There's a writing technique where you try and construct the scene you want using as little dialog as possible, having people only speak when absolutely necessary. Gives you a good insight on filler.

Would anything have been lost if there was zero dialog in this?

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