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Desc:Went almost entirely off script to simply demolish all attacks made at the RNC
Category:News & Politics, Educational
Tags:bill clinton, Barack Obama, DNC 2012, arithmetic
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Now that is a motherfucking ORATOR.
The Mothership
Seriously; it is so refreshing to see a professional speaker speaking professionally.

I think his strong point is actually that he wasn't acting like a professional orator.

His whole speech he kept shutting down applause and not building cadences right, ad-libbing his lines and shifting topics, because he was just a smart guy explaining things he wanted us to understand. Things he really cared about, and wanted us to know. And that sincerity came through in spades.

Dread Pirate Roberts
I loved every minute of this. Gives me a bit of hope seeing people actually speaking to the heart of the issues and not just talking points to get their voter-base riled up and angry.
Louis Armstrong
Such a great power point presentation. And by power point, I mean President Clin-Ton!

I, for one, am totally for more Medicare spending for the disabled.

Is that on the Dems' platform, or has it been gaveled out?
Bill Clinton was a great president and is an exemplary statesman and orator, but he's a shitty human being. I'd want him on my side if I was accused of a capital crime or wanted to raise some money, but would never leave him alone in a room with my wife or daughter, if I had either.

All that said, this is a brilliant speech.
He did some shit stuff as president, too. A whole lot of the corporate deregulation that led to the mess we're in now happened under Clinton.

Deregulation has always been a conservative ideal. It was partly a concession to the neo-cons and partly motivated by good-faith in a free market. And then those that took advantage of deregulation were, of course those that most strenuously advocated a free market. Republicans.

Goldman Sachs donated to Democrats, Merrill Lynch donated to Republicans. Create a playing field that can be gamed, whether financial engineering or party patronage, and it will be gamed.

Ultimately, humans in 2100 won't give a damn whether US Medicare went bankrupt in 2020 or 2030. They'll care about the atmospheric carbon that they're stuck with for the next 100 millenium. I'm not sure there's really a lesser of evils on that one.

He didn't answer MY question: What is the capital of Israel?

The American dollar.

Good speech and I'm glad the speech was not lots of platitudes but actually discussing the meat and potatoes of political issues, but I don't think many people will care, sadly.
I like this Bill Clifton fellow, is he perhaps available for the job of president?
Sudan no1
As a BLOODMOUTH I hate to admit it, but going vegan did wonders for his health.
Jet Bin Fever
That sounds like some obscure Harry Potter terminology.

Am I the only person that wishes the crowd just wasn't there?
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