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Desc:Unfinished? No way!
Tags:animation, mega man, megaman, crappy 3d
Submitted:Prickly Pete
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for nostalgia reasons I can't not five microsoft 3d movie maker.
Father Avalanche
this is something 12 year old me would have made in '95, except the only the only word anybody would be saying would be 'fartknocker'.
We didn't have a microphone, and my parents wouldn't buy me one, so I just made people die all the time. Actually Bongo in particular (the fat disfigured guy). He'd get shot, fall off cliffs, anything just so I can throw in a red flattened sphere poking through the ground slightly to look like blood. I put Saw movies to shame when I was a pre-teen. That guy got tortured in every single one of my movies. There was also a lot of table "humping" and farting.

Megaman Legends looks worse and worse every time I revisit playing it.
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